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This is the first point of contact for most of our guests and requires a sincere, caring and soulful personality. A large part of the job is answering phone calls from guests and sales agents all around the world and an ability to multi-task is a definite asset in this environment where an incredible variety of questions, concerns, clarifications etc. pop up throughout the day. The Northern Alaska Tour Company office is an open environment, so coworkers have easy access to institutional experience and knowledge, as well as the pleasure of constant interaction with one another. We pride ourselves in professional, respectful communication combined with a deep level of caring.

Northern Alaska Tour Company has a diversity of interests and partner companies, including camps at Deadhorse, Coldfoot, the Yukon River, and Healy (Denali National Park); a local commuter air service, and, of course, a wide range of tours and tour options for visitors. Reservations coworkers field questions for all of these enterprises, either answering them directly or putting callers in contact with others who can.

Reservations is primarily responsible for booking tours for guests. This involves becoming familiar and competent with our reservations software, and of course, the variety of tour options NATC offers.

Reservations coworkers also work closely with Guest Services in face-to-face interactions with guests; greeting people as they arrive for the start of their tours as well as when they return, running shuttles (in a 15 passenger van) when needed and other similar essential tasks such as printing tour certificates. In fact, Reservations coworkers are cross-trained to perform many of the tasks that fall under the auspices of the Guest Services.

Since Reservations usually has the initial interaction with a guest, it is extremely important to make a quick and warm connection – good first impressions engender a level of trust that makes all subsequent conversations more productive and positive.