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Night Operations

Night Operations

Night operations includes the mechanics who care for the operations side of our ground vehicles, and the cleaners who make sure these vehicles are clean and tidy. These are the people behind the scenes who do the essential work that mostly gets noticed if it is NOT done well.

Mechanics and mechanics assistants are responsible for becoming knowledgeable and competent in the maintenance and repair of our 15 passenger Econoline F350 vans and Freightliner 25 passenger coaches as well as regulations governing commercial passenger vehicles. Mechanics foster open communication with guides and other vehicle operators who may have first-hand knowledge of specific mechanical issues that develop while vehicles are on the road. Each vehicle is inspected at the conclusion of every tour, routine maintenance is performed as well as any non-routine issues that may come up. In addition, mechanics and mechanic assistants are responsible for maintaining a clean and well-organized work space, ordering parts and supplies and keeping vehicle maintenance records complete and up-to-date.

The cleaning crew make sure every vehicle is spick-and-span before it goes out on the road. This is essential to maintaining safety standards and ensures the highest level of guest satisfaction. Cleaning includes both the exterior and interior of the vehicles. In addition, cleaners are responsible for fueling vehicles prior to each tour, and keeping all on-board maintenance equipment complete and in good working order.