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3820 University Ave South
Fairbanks, Alaska

(907) 474-8600

Who We Are

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Tour guide Jackie enjoys a frolic in the fireweed....

Tour guide Jackie enjoys a frolic in the fireweed....

The Company

Northern Alaska Tour Company is an Alaskan-owned tour operator based in Fairbanks, Alaska. The Company was founded in 1986 to provide unparalleled travel and touring experiences in Alaska's Arctic for guests while maintaining the highest standards of safety and commitment to traditional culture and the environment.

Northern Alaska Tour Company is an organization passionately committed to ensuring that each and every guest is provided with a high-quality travel experience in Alaska's Arctic.  This experience begins from the moment they make an inquiry call to their return shuttle when the tour experience is over.

The Experience

The Northern Alaska Tour Company experience is clearly not for everyone. However, if these elements of the job sound appealing:

  • Working hard with satisfying results
  • Sharing with visitors your enthusiasm for the land and peoples that are Alaska's Arctic
  • Working with a team of coworkers passionately committed to working together to create a high-quality travel experience in Alaska's Arctic
  • Working in a positive work environment with coworkers that are supportive of each others personal goals
  • Having a physical work environment that is the splendor of Alaska's Arctic
  • Appreciating the personal growth resulting from the challenges accompanying the independence and responsibility associated with guiding or coordinating a group travel experience

Then we encourage you to take the time to review the information contained in this website to learn more about Northern Alaska Tour Company and the work opportunities that we have available for the 2018 summer visitor season.

The Tours

Northern Alaska Tour Company operates both one-day and multi-day excursions, summer and winter.  Almost all excursions include some element of ground touring on the Dalton Highway.  Some excursions combine ground tours with air transportation, scenic floats on the Middle Fork Koyukuk River, and visits to rural villages.  Destinations visited on our excursions include the Yukon River, the Arctic Circle, Anaktuvuk Pass, Coldfoot, Wiseman, Prudhoe Bay, and Barrow.

All of Northern Alaska Tour Company's excursions focus on sharing an experience with our guests that results in each guest coming away from their experience in Alaska's Arctic with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural history and cultural heritage of the region.

High priority is placed on maximizing the quality of personal interaction associated with each excursion.  Therefore, every excursion is limited to group sizes of ten or twenty-five guests.

The type of equipment used for each excursion varies, of course, with the transportation mode.  Twenty-five passenger coaches and fifteen-passenger vans are used on the ground.  Nine-passenger Navajo twin-engine aircraft are used in the air.