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Fairbanks, Alaska

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Sharing Alaska's Arctic with the World.

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NORTHERN ALASKA TOUR COMPANY represents a diverse and enjoyable Alaska seasonal and year round work experience.  We are currently hiring for all of our summer seasonal positions. Some positions --- such as our guides --- can continue as part time or full time work into the winter.  Your search for employment is just as important as our search for new coworkers.  Please take a moment and learn more about Northern Alaska Tour Company, the region we work in, and the philosophy we have in sharing Alaska's Arctic with our guests.

OUR WORKPLACE stretches from the main office in Fairbanks all the way along the Dalton Highway to the shores of the Arctic Ocean in Prudhoe Bay.  While Guides do enjoy the benefit of having Alaska's Arctic as their workplace, our energetic office in Fairbanks also provides an exciting work environment.  In the fast-paced summer visitor season, our operations are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing fun and challenging work opportunities for a diverse crew of people on all kinds of work schedules.  Our open office allows coworkers from many departments to interact, share ideas, support each other, and form quality relationships.

INTERESTED IN A POSITION? Please fill out the online application on this website.  However, we would love to speak with you about how we can share a wonderful summer or winter work experience together. Do not hesitate to give us a call for further information at (907) 474-8600 and ask for Michelle or Robert.

Guests starting their journey on the famous Dalton Highway, with a stop at Mile 1 for photos

Guests starting their journey on the famous Dalton Highway, with a stop at Mile 1 for photos